The Judges! – Strong is the New Skinny

Strong is the New Skinny
Adam Farrah and Marsha Christensen.

Our next team of judges are Adam and Marsha, co-creators of Strong is the New Skinny.  

The fact that these two created this movement with one blog post, plus one picture of boobs in a tank top plastered with “Strong is the New Skinny” (Marsha),  gives them enough credo to judge the Deadlifts and Dresses Photos.

Strong IS the New Skinny!

Obviously, they get it.

But there is much more to this movement than a blog post and Marsha’s boobs.

Marsha is a married mother of three (14, 11, 8).  This chick walks her talk.  When she is not being a tiny, outrageously cute blond posting little hearts and fluffy things on facebook, she is giving it her all as a parent and as a very badass woman.   She’s one of those mom’s who transformed herself from overweight to strong. She’s been CrossFitting for four years and training at CrossFit Mansfield for two.  She has a will of iron, abs of steel and is not afraid to show them in a bikini.    She loves “The Filthy Fifty”, does Murph with the guys – after not having slept – and honestly shows us simply by living her daily life, that  Strong IS the New Skinny.

Marsha. Mom of Three. CrossFitter.

And.. UP!


Adam Farrah is the author of the blog that started their mutual movement.  The Blog That Started it All

Adam also walks his talk. He is certified in a whole range of  areas, from endurance to gymnastics, crossfit, kettlebells and powerlifting, and is the author of the blog. 

If you read this blog, which you should, you find truly useful and interesting information on fitness and food, and that Adam loves – LOVES – to feature the hard work and transformations of strong women of all ages.  CHECK THIS OUT!

Adam training a woman to be strong and glorious.

Finally, Adam has attitude.  Lots of it.  Which makes him an absolutely perfect Judge for us.

Check out Adam’s Blog

Buy Strong is the New Skinny Stuff at The SINS Store

And Be a Part of the Movment on the SINS Facebook Page!


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