The Judges! – WildGorillaman

Introducing…. WildGorillaMan and Team Gorilla!

WildGorillaMan, a Distinguished Judge


Big Ape at WildGorilaMedia, and creator of Team Gorilla, is one of the best suited personas to judge our strong, sexy women of Deadlifts and Dresses.

If you know him as WildGorillaMan – his online identity on Facebook and Twitter – you know the Gorilla has been casting his hairy yet admiring gaze at hard training women longer than many of you have been alive.

In fact, the Big Banana has made the celebration of strong women his life’s purpose.   Between lifting heavy weights and beating his chest, WildGorillaman  forages websites for images of muscled, sweating, gorgeous women several times each week.  Rather than act all apish and horde his stash, The Benevolent Monkey happily shares them with us on his Team Gorilla site, making him rather famous.

WildGorillaman admits that the ladies of Team Gorilla, and all strong, awesome women (including Mrs. Gorilla) have always inspired him to do his best.

He beats his chest wildly in the hope that we are awesomely inspired to show the world our best for the Deads and Dresses Calendar Competition.

Quote: “OOK”.

Visit WildGorillaMan on his Facebook Page – WildGorillaman.

See WildGorillaMan’s Ooksome Talents on his Team Gorilla Blog

Buy way cool stuff and support Team Gorilla at the WildGorilla Store


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