“The Sexy Savage Strong Project” – Mission Statement

“Sexy Savage Strong” asks women  – and men – who have discovered their love of fitness and getting stronger, to “get off your issues” and celebrate yourselves!

We believe that Strong is an attitude, not a body type.

Strong is dedication, desire, perseverence, passion and acheivement of the goals you set for yourselves.  Strong is a state of being attainable by every body.

Our mission is to help you celebrate your strong, sexy, inner savage through projects that can benefit us all.

The Deadlifts and Dresses Calendar is our first project.  Look for the ‘Barbells to Bikinis Paleo Cookbook” next!

Partial Proceeds from all sales will help sponsor people in need.


One Response to ““The Sexy Savage Strong Project” – Mission Statement”

  1. Samantha A. December 15, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

    I think this celendar is an amazing idea and support this website 100%! Ladies please take to heart the words of wisdom from this page & celebrate your life! Also, if your looking for cubs in your local area you should visit cougarsandco.com because I have had the best luck with finding real people (cubs) there. Thanks again for the amazing advice and keep it up!

    Samantha A.

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